Sunday, April 8, 2007

“It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.”

i found this quote when i was searchin online for some love quotes to help a frnd make up with his gf. wat i found intersting in this is thats its perfectly true... to add on to this it hurts a whole lot more when that girl is a lot like the girl of ur dreams!!

how i know this.. is coz of the fact that it has happnd to me. i never did tell her anything.. i thot our frndship will get spoilt if i ever did tell her. in the end she became somebody else's and all i do now is watch her walk away arm in arm wit another person who i know and can tell is not worth her. she deserves better and i might add she deseves better than me.

i know all u readers are thinking that its jealousy that making me say that he isn't worth her but i can safely assure u readers that it is not jealousy. i know both of them and can make an intelligent judgement without being biased by my feelings.

its been over a year now that she walked away from me (alone at that time) and i've become kinda used to that fact. but wat i cant reconcile with is the fact that i had a chance and i blew it and now i'm afraid that the opportunity will never present itself again. i did get over her for a time being but whenever i look at her i see the opportunity that i missed. this is one of the many things i will regret for my whole life.

everytime i see her i see what i liked about her. everytime i see her i feel something i miss. everytime i see her i feel a deep hole in me. everytime i see her i miss her.

even though i regret not telling her something good did come about it. i grew up in the process of trying to get over. before i was a naive kid but as i tried to get over her and as time passed in the process i grew up. i became a much more mature person. it was a reality shock which woke me up to face the real world. before i was living in a world of my own. but now everyday i learn something. everyday i learn how cruel the world can really be and if u dont look out for urself then there is noone however close they are who'll look out for you.

the world has degenerated into a place where only the selfish and merciless people survive happily. everyone derives happiness from hurting others however badly. they all want to be one above the rest. its true that its a dog eat dog world. but people dont realise thats the saying says dog it sog and not people eat people.

if you dont go ahead to get wat u want stepping over other people if you have to an individual will always be sad and alone even when that person has friends. well i guess thats why this age is called "Kalyug" in the vedas.

well anyways, if you ever like someone then even if u have to risk losing him/her do it. atleast you wont have the regret of not trying.

have a happy life..

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