Monday, June 11, 2007

Hello ppl!!

Its been ages since i've written anything here... well the current updates are that i'm a graduate now!! yahooo!! hurrah!! finally college has officially gotten over and i'm done with exams. now what lies in front of me is a job and whatever i can make out of my future. i have some hopes of going abroad and studying in an A grade institution. i shall try my very best to make it a reality.

well 3 years in bangalore have been an unbelievable and priceless experience for me. i've learnt much more in the span of these three years than i did in the 19 yrs in cal. Now when i look back to 1st year when i first came to bangalore i see a lil kid walking into college for the first time full of hope and pureness of spirit. Not that i'm not pure of spirit now.. its just that i've learned that the world is not all good and people can be horrible without a reason also.

Anyways, its been a roller coaster ride through 3 years in christ college having lots of ups and downs.. some downs(i think u can guess which one) were really hard but i'm glad that those happened as now i have better control over myself. though many of my ideas still need to improve and mature a bit but still i have grown a lot... come on nobody is perfect!! 3rd semester was the main growing point for me and i realised that if some stuff doesnt happen its not the end all. life goes on and we gotta keep on living till the end.

well 3 years are over and it all seems like a flash. i remember thinking what it wud feel like to be graduating from college and now i know. its a whole new chapter in life presenting endless oppurtunities. well thats wat i feel like now we'll see what happns in a couple of years.

one thing i hoped wud happen when i joined college was to find a best friend. someone (gal or boy doesnt matter) with i cud be best pals. it would be nice to actually experience a friendship hat close atleast once in life. but alas it dint happen but what the hell thats life and as i said before, it goes on and on.

well anyways, now after college i'm tryin to find a great job with an excellent job profile where i'll be doin actual quality work and learning loads and loads and ofcourse not to forget a great pay.. ok pay mite not be that great but it should be a decent one say around 25-30gs a month minimum starting, coz u see i got some personal aims to fulfill. My dream job rite now would be an oppurtunity to become a CEO of a company.. not a very big company but a small or mid sized one will do so that i can put in my ideas and build it bigger and bigger. You its a very funny thing. whenevr i think about heading a company now i know that yes i can do it rite now without needing any training. it feels like that would be my element where i'll be able to work and fit in perfectly.

but thats my dream my job i always hope that a miracle happens and somebody realises that yes this kid has it in him to be a person like that. but then thats a dream and hope. who knows if it would be fulfilled or not. i sure hope it does. but till then i'm ready to settle down in a good job in a god company and i dont mean working in a KPO or BPO.. i mean doing really productive work for an investment firm or in corporate banking or helping with M&As or in investment banking. it would also be interesting to work as an industry analyst but i expect that requires huge amount of training and experience. Well if anyone has an opening please do contact me.. i'm eager to work in a good job and ready to locate to any part of the world. so people please do drop me a mail.

hmmm... so what else.. well currently i'm sitting at home enjoying uselessness and joblessness.. just chilling out in the holidays after exams before i join a job.

so i'm now gonna sign off.. u ppl probably are already getting bored reading such a long blog..

well have a good time..

p.s. if someone is really interested in hiring a self-motivated employee please feel free to mail me

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